We have a team of technical writers, editors, engineers and FAA Organization Designation Authorization (ODA) specialists who are very versed in the inputs, documentation needs, engineering and ODA review requirements for technical publications and engineering documentation.

Our experience includes, but is not limited to, Auxiliary Power Units (APUs), Engines, Controls and Accessories, Line Replaceable Units (LRUs) and System Software Development.

Most of our team members has 20 plus years of experience with these products and many were engineering or technical publications managers in previous jobs. Our combination of engineering, technical writer and editing experience gives us the ability to not only generate technical inputs for documents but complete the technical writing, editing and engineering reviews of technical publications, engineering reports, system software reports, etc.

Reach out to our Business Manager Greg Truso, email: g.truso@ or our Senior Technical Publications Manager, Dennis Stacey, email: d.stacey@ if interested in our services here at Aerospace Solutions, LLC.

We look forward to collaborating with your team on a future engineering or technical publication effort.